We offer highly discounted media placements on all major media formats TV, Print, Radio, Out-Of-Home, Internet and More!

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Discount Media Brokers is a highly motivated group of entrepreneurs and skilled media negotiators who are are dedicated to providing you with quality media at discounted prices that helps you obtain the results you’re looking for.

We pride ourselves on working with a wide range of clients from large national companies to the small client advertising for the first time. Whether your current media spend budget is Ten Thousand Dollars or Ten Million Dollars you’ll receive first rate service and attention and work with the owners of the firm who actually manage the media relationships and are invested in your success.

We provide you with the experienced, effective media buying expertise you’re looking for at a very affordable price.

Our goal is to help you achieve and exceed your goals. It’s that simple.

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Whether you would like us to create an initial media plan for your review or you would like us to provide a campaign analysis and cost comparison on a current campaign that you have—-Contact Us today to schedule phone consultation to see how our services can benefit your business.

We provide highly discounted placement opportunities everyday on:

  • Television

    Increase brand awareness -drive traffic and increase sales. Discounted opportunities available on local, regional and national TV

  • Print

    Expand your reach using magazines, newspapers and business publications at discounts that make even national publications affordable

  • Social/Internet

    Expand your marketing reach to today’s Internet consumer with discounted placement banner advertising opportunities on popular websites. Target your audience where they spend their time on-line. Geo-Target down to the Regional/State/City level as well as type of interests

  • Radio

    Maximize your budget using our discount buying service to get your message heard at the lowest possible price on local radio as well as national radio

  • Out of Home

    Billboards/Transit display advertising -Discount Media Brokers provides an array of Outdoor Billboard and Transit Advertising opportunities (Bus, Airport, Taxi, Subway/Railway)

  • Mobile/Apps

    Discounted advertising opportunities include text message ads, mobile banner ads, SmartPhone Apps

  • Product Placement Movies/TV Shows

    National/International Exposure for your products through product placement into Major Films, Prime Time TV Productions and Celebrity Events