We offer highly discounted media placements on all major media formats: TV, Print, Radio, Out-Of-Home, Internet and More!

For Premium Ad Placement Services and Discounted Media – Discount Media Brokers is the right choice for you and your company

  • We complete the process from start to finish. We act as an extension of your company, in a sense, your in-house marketing and advertising department
  • We help you leverage your ad budget and save money on all major media: TV, Radio, Print, Internet, Outdoor, Transit and More!
  • You get first rate service and attention from entrepreneurs just like you whether your ad budget is $10,000 or $10,000,000

Discount Media Brokers provides the same media that a Traditional Agency or Direct Response Firm offers… However we provide the media at discounted rates while still providing you with full service

At Discount Media Brokers we use skilled negotiators to purchase targeted, high-value advertising and promotional opportunities at deep discounts on your behalf. We take the role of your placement agency providing the research, campaign development, implementation and extensive monitoring of the campaign utilizing our tools, resources and experience to maximize the effectiveness of each ad dollar spent.

Whether you’re running a Direct Response program, or Branding and Awareness campaign… the research, placement tools and discount structures of Discount Media Brokers will allow you to lower your cost per connect and help you to maximize your advertising budget.

For those operating Lead Generation programs we provide the ability to target local and regional markets at rate structures normally available only to national advertisers.

Branding campaigns can be delivered with the same precision and cost saving rate structures available to Direct Response advertisers.

For the Direct Response advertiser we have target saturation programs that offer the ability to maximize frequency while utilizing our response tools to establish the performance metrics necessary to plan, execute and sustain a successful DR campaign.

Discount Media Brokers is not a big-name agency with high overheads that drive up your fees and media prices. What we are is a highly motivated group of entrepreneurs that are dedicated to providing you with quality work that helps you get you the results you’re looking for at discounted prices.

Our goal is to help you meet and exceed your goals. It’s that simple.

We pride ourselves on working with a wide range of clients from large national companies to the small client advertising for the first time.

We provide you with the experienced, effective media buying expertise you’re looking for at a very affordable price. For those companies with larger ongoing advertising budgets we offer creative agency fee programs that provide outstanding value.

Media is a Commodity…

Supply and Demand controls the media rates and they change often. In some cases its every quarter. In other instances every single day depending on the available inventory and other market factors. Our extensive knowledge of the markets, expertise and experience combined with our strategic media relationships and media partners allow us to simplify the process and deliver outstanding prices and service to you.

The bottom line… Discount Media Brokers provides you quality media with full service at discounted rates.

We provide the same media and the same Ad Placement services a traditional agency offers, however we provide the media at discounted rates while still providing you with full service.

How Does The Process Work?

You Will Receive Complete Campaign Development and Monitoring Services:

Step 1: Research and Identify Core Targets
Step 2: Plan the Media Insertion Calendar
Step 3: Implement the Placement
Step 4: Monitor Results for Constant Improvement

You Get Access to Highly Discounted Opportunities on All Major Forms of Media:

TV Planning & Buying Services Include:

  • Broadcast television
  • Satellite television
  • Cable television
  • Direct-response television
  • Online video networks and portals (YouTube, Hulu, etc.)
  • Mobile video
Radio planning and buying services include:

  • FM radio
  • AM radio
  • SiriusXM satellite radio
  • Internet streaming services such as Pandora
  • In-store audio /Gas station radio

Maximize your budget using our discount buying service to get your radio message heard at the lowest possible price. Whether you are looking for radio advertising in one or more local markets, or national radio/syndicated shows.

Out of Home | Transit
Out of home planning and buying services include:

  • Billboards
  • Digital ad networks
  • Spectaculars
  • Airport displays
  • Mall displays
  • Bus and commuter rail
  • Street furniture
  • Mobile billboards
Print Media Planning & Buying Services Include:


  • National Consumer Magazines
  • Business Publications
  • Sunday Magazines
  • Local Consumer Magazines
  • Magazine Inserts


  • National Newspapers
  • Local Newspapers
  • Free Standing Inserts
Films | TV Shows
National/International Exposure for your products through product placement into Major Films, Prime Time TV Productions and Celebrity Events

Product Placement through high visibility product, service, or trademark exposures in major movies and television productions –The product placement is embedded within the program or film and travels with it throughout its life in ever-expanding global distribution channels. Celebrity Events provide an excellent source of exposure by providing an additional outlet for television and media coverage.

Internet|Social Media|Mobile
Internet planning and buying services include:

  • Digital Banner Ad Display
  • Online video
  • Mobile advertising
  • Tablet advertising
  • In-app advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • Behavioral, contextual and semantic targeting
  • Audience targeting
  • Geo-targeting
  • Search engine marketing (Google, Yahoo, Bing)